Welcome to Direct-e, your e-messaging partner. Direct-e is a leader in
e-mail and fax broadcast services. Using the power of today's electronic
messaging technologies, we develop, host and manage applications that
dramatically improve your customer interactions capabilities. We do it
fast and we do it according to the specific needs of your unique business.
As a data processing and direct marketing provider for twenty years, Direct-e
provides our clients with unparalleled personalization knowledge and
marketing expertise.

Complete Layout Design Services

Online Faxing Solution:
Personalized TO:, FROM:, and SUBJECT: fields.
Know can you send fax through google email or not through afax.com. Simple and easy method to send faxes online.

Click Through Links to Personalized Web Based Order Forms
Response Data Gathered, Hosted, and Coordinated
with your Primary Data or Fulfillment House.

Product Marketing
Content Writer
Corporate Communications and Surveys
Magazine Subscription Renewal, for both Paid or Controlled
Newsletter Distribution
Customer Care Service

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